Once you have been cast in a show, you will be directed to this page so that you can complete and submit an online casting confirmation.

To submit The Players Centre Casting Confirmation Form:

By submitting this form, you stipulate that you understand and agree to the following terms and conditions for performing in a Players Centre production.



You will receive two complimentary vouchers for preview night which is the first Wednesday of your run.  You will also receive two complimentary vouchers for tickets to any performance. These vouchers must be exchanged for tickets in person at the box office only.  Additional tickets may be purchased at the regular prices: $27/$32 Adults/ $14 students. There is a $1.50 processing fee on every ticket sold.  Cast members will also receive an Anytime Card which will allow the actor to see all “Players produced” shows for just $5.00. The Anytime Card is valid 30 minutes prior to curtain time; there is no call-ahead reserving; and obviously, seats must be available. Additionally, the Anytime Card cannot be combined with any other offers; tickets must be purchased in person by the actor who must show identification, it is limited to 1 ticket per visit; and it is not valid for the show the actor is currently performing in.  There is an expiration date on the card along with the actor’s name. The cards will be laminated and distributed by your Stage Manager once you have completed your duties during the strike of the show.  The box office hours are 10am – 5pm, Monday – Saturday and the phone is 941-365-2494.


Cast members should provide their own shoes, neutral tights and basic make-up unless otherwise informed.


Publicity shots will be taken. Your stage manager will let you know if you need to be in these shots.  Cast photos will be scheduled the first Thursday after the start of rehearsal.  Please be ready for photos at the scheduled time.  Due to professional courtesy, no other photos can be taken at this time.  The Stage Manager will confirm the date and time with the Production Manager and Marketing Director.


You may be asked to do public appearances to help promote the show and enhance ticket sales.


The theatre backstage code will be provided to you.  There is no smoking inside building. Leave the rehearsal room floor space as you found it.  Put chairs, prop tables, set tables, set pieces, etc. behind the curtains.  There is no eating, drinking or gum chewing in the rehearsal room. If you are the last one out, please be sure all doors are locked and all equipment is turned off.  Rehearsals are generally scheduled to begin at 7:00 pm.  However, if a class is in progress, please be respectful and wait for the class to be dismissed.  Do not leave any garbage in the theatre or in the Green Room or dressing rooms.  Please throw all garbage away in the proper receptacles.  Do not touch props, costumes or scenery unless it is being used during rehearsal for your show.  Hang up costumes after wearing them.  Do not bring items of value to the theatre.  Please remember that these spaces also serve as dance surfaces and students sit and dance barefooted on them.  So, please be considerate to all who use The Players.


While rehearsing and performing in The Players, please be alert to the environment or situation. If there are areas or situations that you do not feel comfortable with as far as personal safety is concerned, please address your concern to the Stage Manager or Director.


Please note that for security purposes, The Players is required to know the personnel using The Players facilities.  This includes the stage and all areas backstage. Only personnel who have signed and returned the Casting Confirmation Form or submitted the form online are authorized to participate in the rehearsals and performances for productions staged at The Players.  Should there be any person who has not signed the Confirmation form and The Players Management is not informed in advance, such person may be considered an intruder and The Players, Inc. may take legal actions accordingly.