A Note from Artistic Director, Jeffery Kin:

“I like the idea of creating themes for my seasons. I feel it gives our theatre and its patrons and volunteers another way of grasping what we do here at The Players Centre.  This year’s theme is even more exciting, because it will give us the opportunity to show a production on our stage, and share what it takes to produce it behind the scenes. I invite people to look differently at this community theatre, and to become familiar with the volunteers and their many hours of toil that often go unnoticed.”


For all Broadway Series productions, please prepare:

  • A Short, One Minute Monologue
  • (For Musicals) A Short, One Minute Song
    • Please bring sheet music with you, an accompanist will be provided
  • (For Musicals) You will be expected to attend the group dance audition following your song/monologue.

July 28 – 10am – 4pm

“Annie Get Your Gun” – Run dates: Sept. 20 – Oct. 7
Director: Kathy Junkins
Musical Director: Alan Corey

“Vanya & Sonya & Masha & Spike” – Run Dates: Oct. 25 – Nov. 11
Director: Jeffery Kin

“All Shook Up” – Run Dates: Dec. 6 – 23 
Director: Helen Holliday
Choreographer: Brian Finnerty
Musical Director: Berry Ayers

Additionally, “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” will audition at this call as well.
Director: Sara Logan
Run Dates: Oct. 17-20

To secure your audition slot please call the Box Office at 941-365-2494.

The 89TH SEASON WILDE Broadway Series


Sept. 20 – Oct. 7, 2018

Sure-shootin’ Annie Oakley can win prizes with her marksmanship, but she can’t get a man…or can she? This slice of magical American musical theatre will thrill you with the classic tunes of the legendary Irving Berlin. This revival version will have you singing right along, because we all know, “there’s no business like show business!”


Oct. 25 – Nov. 11, 2018

Join this eclectic group of characters in this Tony Award winning comedy by Christopher Durang. Three “unique” siblings live, love and argue in their family’s home, that just happens to be located in a cherry orchard! (Yes, there are some great Chekhov moments.) Will they lose their ancestral home? Fun, smart and the Drama Desk Award winner for outstanding new play!


Dec. 6 – 23, 2017

Take one great Shakespeare story (Twelfth Night) and every great Elvis Presley song and you have the makings of Rock ‘n’ Roll Musical Theatre heaven. So, “Don’t Be Cruel,” grab that “Hound Dog” and “Love Me Tender,” this holiday season. Because, everyone needs a hunka hunka “Burning Love” for Christmas.


Jan. 17 – Feb. 3, 2019

“Welcome to the 60s” where Tracey Turnblad, a pleasantly plump teenager dreams of fame and fights to racially integrate the Corny Collins Show. This winner of eight Tony Awards (including “Best Musical”) is based on the John Waters film and proves that “You Can’t Stop The Beat.”


Feb. 21 – March 10, 2019

Visit Putnam Valley Middle School as six quirky kids fight to be the winner of its coveted annual spelling bee. Six spellers enter; one speller leaves! This Tony Award winning musical has delighted audiences since its inception and its cast recording was nominated for a Grammy Award!


March 28 – April 14, 2019

The 89th Wilde Broadway season closer is Stephen Sondheim’s FOLLIES.  A touching musical concerning a reunion of performers at a crumbling theatre soon to be demolished. Stars and showgirls from the past perform and share memories, sometimes accompanied by ghosts of their former selves. The score includes such Broadway staples as  “Broadway Baby,” “I’m Still Here” and  “Losing my Mind.”

AN ARTHUR MILLER CLASSIC – “A View From the bridge”

Post-Season Show!
April 25 – May 5, 2019

Two Chairs Theatre Company, in conjunction with The Players, will present an Arthur Miller Classic, this year it will be “A View From The Bridge.”



The Players Centre For Performing Arts is pleased to announce auditions for this season’s first production in The Backstage Theatre, Donald Margulies 1992 Pulitzer Prize Finalist, “Sight Unseen”, to be directed by Elliott Raines.

Auditions will be held in The Backstage Theatre on Saturday, August 4th, from 1-3pm, with Callbacks held on Monday, August 6th, at The Players Studio, from 7-10pm. Please prepare a one minute monologue and/or be ready to read from the script. If you would like to audition, but are unavailable at these times, please contact the box office directly at 941.365.2494, and other arrangements will be made.

Performances will run from Wednesday, November 7th through Sunday, November 18th. Rehearsals will begin on Friday, September 21st.


JONATHAN WAXMAN: late ’30s. World famous artist on his first European tour. The play opens with his first showing in England. Bright, talented, the world by the string – but – something’s missing, lacking – finds it when visiting old lover/muse Patricia, now living in England.

PATRICIA: late ’30s. Was deeply in love with Jonathan once and deeply hurt by him. Hasn’t seen him in 15 years, since their breakup. Now – an Archaeologist – living with her husband Nick out in the English countryside. Still has feelings for Jonathan. In a marriage of convenience with her husband, Nick.

NICK: late ’30s, early ’40s. Deeply in love with his wife, Patricia; knows his feelings are not reciprocated. Also an Archaeologist, working alongside his wife. Has hated Jonathan for years. Painfully shy – only when the booze flows do his truths come out. British Accent.

GRETE: Indeterminate Age. Excited about interviewing the famous artist Jonathan Waxman during his first European tour – a fan of his work? German Accent.


These shows have been cast, please check back for our next season auditions! 


June 25th  from 6-7pm

Please bring a memorized one-minute monologue. You can sign up for an audition time HERE
The following brand new shows will be read in readers-style theatre the week of July 23-27, 2018 at 7:30pm in the Players Backstage Theatre:

Wonder of Our Stage by Monica Cross

Polys by Dylan Jones

Murder and Worse by Larry Parr

Something Love Can’t Fix by Ron Pantello

Joshie by Jalex Scott

Cast Breakdowns:

AUTOMATION: A creation made from the perfect combination of English oak, the philosopher’s stone, and the touch of the divinely chosen monarch.
QUEEN ELIZABETH I :An aging Monarch. Stern and stately.
JOHN DEE: Mathematician, Astrologer, Alchemist, Necromancer.
CUTHBERT BURBAGE: The money guy.
RICHARD BURBAGE: The actor. Slightly younger. Brother to Cuthbert.

ARIA – female (cis-bi), 18-22, studying Music at New College of Florida; hippie mentality, initially dating Kyle. Secretive, bi-polar, very smart and shrewd. Sometimes doesn’t practice what she preaches.
KYLE – male (cis-het), 18-22, studying Literature at New College; conservative (Republican, in fact), initially dating Aria. Opinionated, eager, passionate, smart but gullible. Thinks he can fix everything (he can’t).
LOTTE – female (cis-bi), 18-22, studying Mathematics at New College; athletic, initially dating Tim. Curious, manic, feisty, organized, bubbly personality, but naive. Initiates the polyamorous group.
TIM – male (cis-het), 18-22, studying Astronomy at New College; a bit prudish, initially dating Lotte. Tall and awkward, gentle giant-type, reluctant and quiet but fiercely loyal. Joins the group in order not to lose Lotte.
SIMONE – female (cis-questioning), 18-22, studying Art, then Art History at New College; depressed, initially dating no one. Mousy, loner, quiet but then explosive in the next minute, drifting, looking for purpose. Winds up with the four original Polys through unfortunate circumstances.
PROFESSOR – male, 40s-50s, benevolent, nurturing, but professionally distant; unseen, voice only (will be visible for the reading)
COUNSELOR – female, 30s-40s, gentle, compassionate, listens but tries not to force the issue; unseen, voice only (will be visible for the reading)
NARRATOR – any gender, any age, reads stage directions, etc.

MRS. HIGGINS: 60+ A little batty.
JIMMY: 30+ Handsome and fit.
CHERYL: 30ish.
MIKE STUBOVITCZ: 30+. A rugged cop.

JOSHIE ALLEN: 12 years old. A kid who was forced to grow up too fast. Imposes rules and expectations upon himself. Loves school almost as much as he loves his parents. Joshie has issues dealing with his stress and anxiety.
BRANDON ALLEN: 29 years old. Joshie’s father. A comic book artist who loves his family. He wants to take care of his family, but doesn’t want to become a “sell-out” when it comes to his art. Brandon is having issues with the fact that he’s turning 30, but still feels young at heart.
MOLLIE ALLEN: 28 years old. Joshie’s mother. An editor at a publishing company. She got pregnant very young and has had a rough time getting to where she is. She is desperately in love with her husband and son, and wants nothing more than to be supportive towards them.
GEORGE HELLER: Early/mid 20s. The neighbor. A party animal who spends every day waiting for the night to begin. He values fun over anything else in life.
KAREN HELLER: Early/mid 20s. George’s wife. Karen is quick to feel before she thinks. And she lets those feelings make her decisions for her.
TAMMIE HAMMIL: Early 50s. Brandon’s mother. Tammie believes that children should be raised with structure and rules. She is experienced and believes that experience makes her wiser. She has had a chance to accumulate wealth and power, but has found that her life is empty regardless.
CYNTHIA CAROL: Mid-30s. Another neighbor. Cynthia is a pro at seperating her work persona from her social persona. She is very flirtatious and enjoys chasing other women’s husbands.