Opportunities Available:

Audio/Video Engineer Job Description

Salary Range $26,000 – $28,000 with Full Benefits

The Audio/Video Engineer (AVE) is an important part of the technical team of The Players Centre. The AVE has a close working relationship with the Artistic Director, Production Manager, Technical Director and Assistant Technical Director. The AVE’s primary function is to operate sound equipment for all productions, lectures, speeches and presentations. Programs in use are QLab and Show Cue System SCS. Operates maintains and repairs equipment used in productions, lectures, and meetings, including microphones (wired and wireless), video cameras, recorders, computer hardware and software, projectors and sound mixing equipment. Knowledge and familiarity with editing equipment and software may be required. Must be creative and flexible with strong communication skills and have the ability to interact with coworkers and guest designers, often under deadline pressure. In addition to being proficient with computer systems used in multimedia production, this position also requires word processing skills. The AVE must be able to sit and stand for long periods of time and must have good hearing and eyesight. Additionally, the AVE should have University/College training in technical theatre that includes carpentry skills, as well as substantial professional experience in the field. The AVE works with a great deal of independence and exercises independent judgment in performing a wide variety of duties. Because of the operating hours of most facilities, close supervision is not normally required nor expected. Must have the ability to maintain irregular and extended working hours especially during show builds, technical weeks and strike; able to lift, push or pull objects up to 100 pounds using appropriate tools. The AVE may need to assist the TD and ATD with builds, props etc., during the day. Experience in building sets, lighting, prop construction and the like will be essential.

In general, the AVE may do any or all of the following:

  • Operate sound equipment for all productions, lectures, speeches and presentations. Programs in use are QLab and Show Cue System SCS.
  • Operate and maintain AV equipment used to amplify, record, and display sound and images at events. Specific equipment includes: Yamaha 48 Ch. Digital Mixing Console M7CL and an ETC ION and ETC Expression light board
  • Sets up, maintains, and operates sound systems for theatre, dance, music, and other productions and projects and assists guest designers with technical needs of the theatre and studio (including but not limited to the Holiday Review, Spring Showcase, Players Kid’s musical, Players Follies Showcases and all other outreach and Summer Camp shows.)
  • Use video cameras to shoot images or serve as projectionists when needed.
  • Adjust sound, monitors, and amplifiers for each production, including musicians, orchestra members, backstage, and actors
  • Coordinate graphics, projections, and sound cues used in productions.
  • Edit, copy, and store audio and video recordings. Familiarity with Audacity, Adobe PhotoShop and Premier or similar audio video and visual programs.
  • Track inventory of equipment and order supplies such as batteries, gels, and light bulbs etc.
  • Transport, assemble, and maintain equipment used in multimedia production outside of the theatre
  • Attends all technical week rehearsals and production meetings in order to assist in the technical aspects of mounting a show and attends all staff meetings.
  • Manage and organize the electrical room, and sound booth.
  • Assist technical team with organizing, cleaning and maintaining all backstage areas and scene shop, including general maintenance and building repairs.
  • Supervise and work with carpenters/volunteers in the construction of the set and props for each production on days there are no evening productions.

Because an AVE may be called upon to deal with a wide range of technical issues, he or she benefits from a working knowledge of techniques, methods and procedures of theatre, dance, and music productions. This range of knowledge also includes stage, set, sound and lighting design and implementation; stage management; computerized lighting systems; stage carpentry; and all appropriate safety precautions and procedures.

Please email resume and cover letter to: artisticdirector@theplayers.org